Web redesign success stories: Yahoo and MSN

Two major Web companies have recently completed Web site redesigns. While the designs themselves are different, both have similar themes:


  1. Simplicity
  2. Personalization
  3. Integration and links to social media tools



Yahoo launched its homepage re-design in July 2009. The site, which remains one of the most visited sites with a third-place ranking on Alexa.com, receives millions of page views each day.


While Yahoo’s old interface used to be cluttered and jumbled with text-heavy sections and minimal use of images or graphics, the site’s new design is very purposeful and effective.


The redesign maintains the same layout and overall look and feel, but the placement of elements and their presentation is more effective for users. The top four stories on Yahoo are now shown in the form of an interactive menu—users can select images and see a photo preview. In addition, a sliding bar was added at the bottom of the graphic so that previous top stories can be easily accessed from that section of the site.


Instead of using the left panel of the Web site to link exclusively to other Yahoo pages, the sidebar now includes buttons for media tools, such as Facebook and Flickr.


The site has also worked to integrate personalization into the interface. The “My Favorites” section gives users the option of choosing their favorite applications and saving them in one location—making the interface more useful to them.


According to a recent article from Adotas.com, Yahoo’s redesign efforts have been a success. Time spent on the homepage has increased 20 percent. The article also reported that there was a 76 percent increase in click-through rates of stories placed in the “Today” section of the site. Customization has also drawn in more users. The addition of more choice and control helped to draw a wider and more loyal audience base.


More specifics about the redesign can be found here.



The new homepage design plans for MSN.com were launched today. The old page was much more cluttered and text heavy than the new, simplistic design. The site is still in its preview stage, but presents a much easier navigation and interface.


The new design promotes the use of video and customization features. Users can specify settings for their home page, as well as stream feeds from social media tools such as Windows Live, Facebook and Twitter. Yahoo’s homepage does not yet offer a Twitter application.


According to Alexa.com, MSN.com remains one of the most popular Web sites, ranking in eighth place. The site’s integration with Bing, and its cleaner design will make it more competitive with top sites such as Google and Yahoo.


Read more about the redesign here.


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