What am I talking about?

After class today, I started thinking about those 10 blog posts that we have to submit for the final. I realized that I wasn’t exactly sure of any trends that had been emerging in my writing. Hence, I decided to Wordle my blog. Twitter, social, online, and media users were some of the bigger words in my blog. I am pretty satisfied about my blog writing in this aspect. I want my posts to discuss my ideas and reflections about those topics, as well as any breaking news or stories related to interactivity and communications.

Take a look at my Wordle:

iMedia WordleAnd here is the Wordle for my resume:

resume Wordle

Both Wordles were created at www.wordle.net.

Some of the most common words in my resume Wordle are:





Wordle is a great free tool that allows users to paste chunks of text, or URLs to blogs and other Web sites in order to form a word clouds. Users can then customize the appearance of the word cloud.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, word clouds can serve as helpful tools to media professionals looking to brand themselves. Frequently-used  words are the largest–allowing one to see how they write, and which words are associated with them the most. Word clouds are also useful in generating revenue for sites and drawing readers in with a creative and visually-pleasing addition to the site.


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  1. Good post Shelley. Word Clouds are really useful and underused in my opinion. Did you know you can embed a word cloud widget on your wordpress blog? It’s among the widgets available under the appearance tab on your dashboard. I really like using Tag Cloud both as a way to keep track of what I’m writing on and search back over past posts.

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