How being a social media expert can earn you a new car:

Ford Motors is launching a new campaign to sell cars with the help of individuals who have established a social media presence online. Ford’s Fiesta Movement launched earlier this year. The company chose 100 agents to perform missions over a six-month period while blogging about the Ford Fiesta and driving the car around while performing the missions. One of these agents was one of iMedia’s own, David Parsons.

Parsons has been blogging about his experiences with the Fiesta, and more information about his experiences can be accessed via his blog: More information is also available here:

While chances for applying for this campaign have long passed, Ford Motors has announced their new Fusion 41 campaign. The company is looking for eight owners of Ford Fusion or Ford Hybrid owners to participate in a relay race. Each of the chosen owners will put together a team of four friends and pass off the car for a duration of three weeks. Each team will receive a 2010 Ford Fusion, accompanied by free gas.

Social media presence and experience of team members is key, because the competition requires that members document their experience with the Ford Fusion online via blogging, videos, and other social media devices such as Facebook or Twitter. The winner of the competition will get to keep their 2010 Ford Fusion and the vehicle will be paid in full by Ford Motors. The four friends on the winning team will receive gas for a year.

Many of us in the iMedia program have been wondering how blogging can be beneficial to our lives. We are either confused about why we or blogging, or searching for meaning behind the words we are writing. This could serve as an answer for any lost iMedia bloggers about there. Even losing teams have something to gain because they will have experienced the power of social media at its best—incorporating video and text into multimedia presentations, allowing interested Web surfers to follow them on the Ford Fusion relay.

Interested participants have until November 6th to apply. Competition rules can be found here:



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4 responses to “How being a social media expert can earn you a new car:

  1. andersj

    Great work on providing new, interesting information on this post … as usual! One thing I am wondering is why you did not link the urls you gave in the post – the http ones. You did hyperlink some words, but not the link addresses.

  2. dparsonsmedia


    You linked the crap out of my online presence in your blog post, and that means you ROCK! Thanks for spreading the love!

    PS – Did you get the Fusion41 tip off from my tweet earlier? It sounds awesome! Wish I had a Fusion…


    • Hey David, No problem, I thought the whole campaign seemed really interesting so it was fun to write about. I actually got the Fusion41 tip from Mashable, but I did visit your Twitter and saw the Tweet! Alright, see you soon,


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