Vodpod: Embed the seemingly un-embed-able!

Upon completing my rough prototype for my Memoryall assignment, I was quite excited and wanted to post it on my WordPress. Unfortunately, the embed code wasn’t working and I wasn’t sure why.

Then I found the problem.

I had created my project in Vuvox, and while Vuvox videos can be easily embedded in most Web sites, WordPress is not compatible for some reason.

Luckily, I found Vodpod, a useful tool that allowed me to easily embed my project on my WordPress account.

By visiting http://vodpod.com/wordpress, I simply dragged the “Post to WordPress” button to my toolbar, and was easily able to capture the video I wanted from Vuvox, paste in the link and password to my blog, and it instantly appeared as a post.

After my quick success with the free tool, I went to Vodpod’s site to learn more. By signing up for a free account, users get access to a “Share Video” button that they can place on their toolbar. Members of the Vodpod community can easily create lists of their favorite videos and share them by clicking the button on their toolbar.

In addition, Vodpod can grab and embed videos into the following Web sites:

There are some limitations. For example, while Vodpod did embed my Vuvox video, WordPress does not support the full-screen option for my collage. I ended up creating a new account with Blogger for this reason.

Also, there are some sites that do not allow Vodpod to grab videos.

Additional Vodpod resources include:
Vodpod on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vodpod

Vodpod blog: http://blog.vodpod.com/

Vodpod geek blog: http://geekblog.vodpod.com/


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