Viral video qualities

Class discussion today was centered on viral video.

Some of my personal favorites include the following:

Baby attacked by cat:

Vodafone: The Mayfly:

OK-go on treadmills:

Reporter fail:

Sound of Music (Central Station in Belgium):

Today in class, group discussion led us to develop a list of qualities essential in any viral video.

This is what we came up with:

1. Humor

2. Shock value

3. Inherent talent

4. Candid moments caught on tape

5. Extreme natural occurrences

6. Remixes and mash-ups

7. Good pacing

In addition to certain qualities that should be present in some capacity in viral videos, content is also essential. My group identified five categories that can add to the spreadability of videos online:

1. Children

2. Groups of people (Thriller prison dance video, Improv Everywhere team, Hey Jude in Trafalgar Square…etc)

3. Original music

4. Animals

5. Celebrities (Although celebrities are by no means essential in viral videos)

Another aspect that adds to the success of viral videos is the ability for users to relate to the content or the subjects in the content. Anyone can easily create and post videos on YouTube. In thinking about some of the most popular videos on the Web, most of them have nothing to do with famous figures, but instead capture funny or interesting moments about average human beings.


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