Learning from the experts: How to approach blogging

Mark Luckie, creator and writer of the “10,000 Words” blog, talked with my Interactive Writing and Design class about his love for blogging, and provided the class with a unique and professional insight to managing his digital world and his personal life simultaneously. One of my personal qualms with blogging is that I don’t know how to approach it. I am not sure what the purpose is because I assume that no one is interested in what I am writing. But Luckie told us something that I had never thought about before. He told us to write our blogs with the intention that people are going to be reading them on a regular basis. With this mindset, the subject matter of blog posts takes on a new form. Instead of writing words to match a required word count for a class, these words can be used to influence and aid others. Luckie posts valuable resources, multimedia tools and information on his blog about twice a week. The job pays nothing but he enjoys helping and connecting with others. This passion for communication through blogging is not something that can necessarily be taught, but it can be acquired through experimenting with a voice and a purpose.


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